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raw bar submission guidelines

contribute to our raw bar
e-mail your story to: rawbar at served raw dot com

Greetings fellow experience hunters! Like you, we’re always on the prowl for new, different, better, underground, off-radar lifestyle experiences worth talking about. If you’ve created one, we’d love to hear about (and perhaps even replicate it in our homes!). Not a pro writer? No worries. We’re really just looking for contributions from ServedRaw types like us who passionately carve out life experiences and frequently walk the road less traveled — if someone just has to know what off-roading experiment you did with a block of cheese, pass it along! Got a cool new way to primp your digs for a party, share! Our stories are raw, half-baked, high-spirited, innovative and (we think) playful and fun, but in the end, they should have some takeaway and discovery value for other experience hunters. Check out our features to understand what we mean — and send us a note at: rawbar at servedraw dot com if you have questions. The details:

  • Contributions for the Raw Bar should fall between 200 and 400 words. Got less than 200 words? Consider posting in our Raw Canvas forum or leaving a tip in Raw Bites. We’d still love to hear your tricks, strategies and experiences worth sharing. Got more than 400 words, trim that baby!
  • Showcase your story with an image. Snap a shot of the dish, cocktail, tip or trick in action. .jpg files are preferred and the sharper and more glam, the better.
  • In exchange for your contribution, we can offer a link to your Web site or blog from your Raw Bar story, but we don’t financially compensate writers for material posted in this section. (But again, no worries if you don’t have a blog or site — we want to hear from everyday experience hunters with a passion for taking the road less traveled when it comes to cooking, sipping, partying and primping your presentation).
  • reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity, brevity and accuracy and may post your work on the site without your post-edit review or approval.
  • If needs further information or details in order to post a story, we will either contact you for more specifics or choose not to publish. Once your material is submitted, you as the writer understand that will decide if and when your story is published. Submission doesn’t guarantee posting/publication and if we choose not to post/publish, we can reject without notice or explanation.
  • Once submitted, you as the writer, agree to allow and its owners to use, distribute, post and publish your material electronically and use the submission(s) to promote and its related services.
  • Once posted/published, reserves the right to keep the submission in the archives indefinitely.

Please send queries or questions to: rawbar at servedraw dot com