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How do I:

post a recipe.

We love when you share your go-to, must-have, can’t-believe-I-off-roaded-this recipes. Get the most bang for your space buck by leaving it in our forum aka Raw Canvas. It’s your opportunity to inspire others. Have at it!

make sure my comments stick.

As much as we love comments, sometimes we find one or two that aren’t worth sharing. A general guideline of what we nix:

  • self-promotion. Believe it or not, some people actually leave their own Web site/product information/singles ads shamelessly in our comments area. (No, seriously.)
  • angry tirades. A good rule of thumb: constructive feedback, good. Verbal assault, bad. Most of us learned this early on, but it bears repeating.
  • insults. Ouch, it happens. Our vote: Think them, don’t type them. If someone (not you, of course) finds the served-raw experience that polarizing, he or she should exercise the right not to read. We welcome all of our civil rights, including that one.
  • novellas. We’re big readers, but we simply don’t have space for another take on War and Peace. Our forum, however, is your canvas for improvisational, free-spirited communal riffing. Join the conversation. Start the conversation. Be the muse.
  • direct messages. No need to share everything with the entire world. Our e-mail address is below, you can contact us about all things business or editorial. We want to keep the creative flow moving and on track, so sidebar convos (“Where do you live?” “What’s your day job?” or even “Keep your day job”) can be shot to us in a separate note.
  • non-sequiturs. Free-forming creativity is joyous, spirited and in the moment — it’s the essence and energy of served raw. But if a particular story reminds you of “this one time in band camp” or a holiday sweater your grandmother knitted when you were 6 … you might be a little too far off road. Capicé?

write for the Raw Bar.

We’re always looking for fresh experiences worth sharing. All you need is your best riff story and some guidelines.

get clarification on a recipe.

Now we’re talking. Post this in the comments section. Our crack team of highly trained comments readers (i.e. us, one intern and a highly trained black lab) are constantly monitoring all the Ps and Qs — we’ll get follow up as soon as “humanly” possible. One of us responds extra quickly if you’re a squirrel or a MilkBone. Food for thought.

contact you.

via email: servedraw at served raw dot com

contact one of your experts.

Unfortunately we don’t dish out other people’s personal information and that pretty much exhausts that topic.