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Ted Breaux

Ted Breaux
Master Absinthe Distiller
Jade Liqueurs
New Orleans, LA

the inspiration: The things that inspire me really are the oppositions and ongoing challenges. The fact that absinthe was illegal in the U.S. inspired me to work to change that. If I wanted to identify a single source of inspiration, it would be history, just because I’ve been watching history be maligned for 16 years and I became determined to set the record straight. Bartending and mixology is a realm that recently viewed every invention that made something cheaper and faster as an improvement. I am glad to see that attitude go the way of the dodo. I have a real appreciation for the craftsmanship of the past, as does anyone who truly appreciates the pre-Prohibition apex of cocktail culture. Not a book or a bottle, it’s just that in a world that recently viewed the juice gun as a great invention, what’s inspiring me is that I’m saying no, that’s an abomination. Only by recreating past accurately can we truly appreciate it, and that is what I do.