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Manny Hinojosa

the genius: Manny Hinojosa
Bacardi Portfolio Mixologist
Specialized in Cazadores and Corzo Tequila
San Francisco Bay Area -

the inspiration: I travel for business and I like to learn from people. Everyday I’m learning from the places I go. If I’m in Hawaii, I will learn to use their fruits and understand how they are using them. If I’m in Chicago, same thing. I like to use fresh fruits, fresh herbs and premium spirits. I also like to use ingredients that people recognize, at the same time always checking out what’s new, what’s going on. As a foodie, I’m always creating. I’ll check out farmer’s markets ... eat out in restaurants ... when someone delivers a dish to my table I like to see how those flavors play with each other and then think about how I can incorporate them into my drink. Taking a chef’s ideas and making a cocktail that delivers the same flavor profile. I like to make cocktails that are food-friendly.