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Holiday Gift Guide

Stock their sideboards with these mixology-approved treats. Nothing says “tis the season” like a gift-wrapped bender.

For the bartender on your list, 6 gifts that scream, “don’t just stand there, make me a drink. (P.S. I love you.)”

Vintage Curves and Lines.
Josef Hoffmann’s 1912 decanter creation is hand-painted, mouth-blown crystal and guaranteed to blow the lucky recipient’s mind. Series B Decanter, Table Art $1,436.

Pair this beauty with a bottle of aged Glenfarclas to up your gift-giving ante. Photo: Table Art

Twist ‘N Sparkle
Add bubbles to your cocktails glass by glass with iSi’s new sparkling wand. Williams-Sonoma, $49.95.

Make fizzy juices, sparkling sidecars and bubbly punches with the push of a button.

Kitsch Bottle Openers
Pair a colorful Chinese Peking mask-inspired beer bottle opener with a handlebar mustache corkscrew and your gift recipient will be armed and ready for the next dinner party. Sourcing Map, $2, and Fred Flare, $14, respectively.

Channel your inner speakeasy sans the investment in hair growth and stash wax. Too easy. Photo: Fred Flare.

Open bottle, down the hatch. Photo: Sourcing Map.

Ice Cube Shot Glasses
Scene: You’re cozy next to the fire place and someone yells “shots.” Yeah, you’re in, but you like to chill your sip first — that’s what we call stylish shooting. Enter the ingenious shot glass made of ice. Need we say more? Perpetual Kid, $7.

Icy cold cups make shots go down smooth.

The Flavor Bible
Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s Flavor Bible has been called the bartender’s bible by our Raw Geniuses. Keep it stashed in your sideboard to reference when crafting new cocktails of your own. Amazon, $23.

Find perfect pairings and then try adding other flavors to create your own unique drinks.