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Ethan Terry

the genius: Ethan Terry
Cocktail Lab
San Francisco

the inspiration: There's so much creativity and innovation happening in the cocktail world right now it's almost impossible to keep up. It's all very inspiring. There's an all-out renaissance rising out of the ashes of the mercifully dying drinking culture of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, and it's growing exponentially. We're specifically in awe of the number of long-defunct or mostly forgotten hard-to-find ingredients coming back with a vengeance:

Cremes, liqueurs and spirit styles that many considered extinct and thought we would never have the opportunity to explore are, through the tireless dedication of the enthusiasts and historians that study them, resurfacing every day.

Beautiful antique cocktail books are being painstakingly restored by Mud Puddle Books in NY for cocktail geeks and curious home bartenders alike to ogle and experiment with.

Winemakers like Carl Sutton in San Francisco are looking to resurrect vermouth.

Youngsters like the Bon Vivants weren't satisfied with the flavor profiles of the bitters available to them and decided to create their own line.

We're seeing vinegar and gastriques and infusions and juices and spices that would wow the culinary world ending up in our glass at the end of every day, all over the world. And even that's not enough to satiate our thirst.