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Cocktail Coasters as Hostess Gifts

Because not all fêtes are worthy of a vintage scotch.

Say “thanks for the invite” with a gift that’s not a candle or a bottle of 2-Buck Chuck. Here’s a collection of coasters that make a statement (“I didn’t come empty-handed”) without breaking the bank.

For the intellectual:
We’re not sure how mentally challenging these will keep your host, but their design is somewhat thought-provoking. Robot Puzzle Trivet Sets. Museum of Robots, $48 for a set of 6.

Interlocking pieces means you can group more than one coaster together to create a trivet. That's smart.

For the scrooge:
Nothing says “bah hum bug” like a skull coaster. If nothing else, it’s far more interesting than a snowflake design. Jolly Roger Skull, $10 for 4.

Take these to the office to share with your post-5:00 drinking crew.

For the chronic partiers:
These “what state of drunk am I” coasters are right at home at the well-used sideboard. Kikkerland Drunk, $12.50 for 6.

Now, guests don't have to explain all of their unsavory pick-up lines or awkward attempts at breaking the ice. Instead, just flash the "plastered" coaster. Easy.

For the urban chic:
This graphic style feels very Brady Bunch-meets-MOMA. Comes in four mod colors. Modern Basics, $24 for 4.

4 inches by 4 inches, this ultra-suede eclipse design channels your inner interior designer.

For the stepford wives:
Cocktails before cleaning sounds like the perfect mantra. Gift these to the party thrower with misplaced domestic goddess tendencies. Cheltenham Road, $16 for 4.

At 3 1/2 by 3 1/2, they're the perfect size for your champagne coupe.

For the rock star:
These Recycled Vinyl Coasters are the perfect gift for the audiophile. After all, when was the last time you gave the gift of “Weird Al” Yankovic? Upcycled Vinyl, $15 for set of 6.

Sadly, album covers are not included.

For the three-martini luncher:
A silver Mad Men style makes a grand landing spot for a single malt. BeauMonde, $8.50 the pair.

Made in Italy in the '60s, your hostess will be able to make up a cool backstory.

For the eco-minded:
Danish Inspired Eco Coaster sets are simple, chic and eco-smart. Green Market Girl, $16 for a pair.

Mix and match color sets to add some pizazz to a coffee table.

For the vintage collector:
We’re also oddly intrigued by this style made in Zimbabwe from recycled beer bottle caps. Richard Robert, $19 for a set of 4.

These seem right at home in the man cave. Gift with a deck of cards and some poker chips.