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Oversize Mixing Glasses

Give us your biggest cubes and your best recipe. With these 5 gargantuan stirring vessels, no drink will be less than bone-chilling cold. Seriously, if your lips aren’t blue when you sip, we’re not satisfied.

During a recent trek to Buenos Aires, we spotted a slew of oversize cocktail mixing glasses, which worked well with their over-oversized ice cubes (yes, that’s two “overs” — this ice was big). The end result was arctic-chilled manhattans and sazeracs each and every time. We’re on the hunt for the same experience at home. Here are our picks for ultra-large stirring vessels, but if you’ve got a better hook-up, pass it on.

1. We love this sleek, extra-large design of this Japanese mixing glass. It features a pour spout that works perfectly with square or Bonzer 2-prong Hawthorne strainers. Cocktail Kingdom, $53.

Holds 32-ounces for your cocktail stirring pleasure.

2. Flower vases are so much cooler when stuffed with cocktails, rather than buds. This 11-inch-tall version from Riedel makes a chic shaker. The brand also makes a wider style so you can put more wrist and elbow into your stir. $19 and $29, respectively.

The basket pattern gives the crystal an old-world vintage look.

Wider designs allow more room for oversize cubes and less watered down drinks.

3. Although we prefer a clear glass design, this beauty holds 24-ounces of Happy Hour magic. That’s either a lot of cocktails or drinks for deux, stirred with one massive cube. Metrokane, $30.

Flip-top technology eliminates the need for a strainer and lid.

4. If you ever have a need to make 20 3-ounce Manhattans at once, this is your man. Or, load it with round ice and make it a double. Home Wet Bar, $30.

Even with a massive 60-ounce shaker, we recommend keeping your coupes on the delicate size. (Hint: cocktails are meant to be sipped.)

5. A 26-ounce mixing glass with a wide enough bottom to get some spin on that ice — yep, we’re fans. Also, the pour spout makes this spill-proof, which comes in handy in the wee hours. Ascot Wholesale, £14.89.

So the bad news is that you have to buy six of these for an order, but the holidays are coming up -- spread cheers!