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4 Makeshift Kitchen and Bar Tools

In an ideal world, our sideboards and junk drawers would be stocked with the most modern, innovative and fashionable cocktail-making and food-prepping tools. In reality, we’re getting creative by finding new uses for the stuff we already have.

Let’s say your home bar doesn’t happen to be stocked like a mixologist’s. Or you’ve rented a weekend party pad for 12 that promises a gourmet chef’s kitchen, but when you show up, there’s not even flatware for 8. Whatever your circumstances, you only need a few tools that can be put to double-duty. Begin with replacing the lowball with a highball, fill with rocks and spirits, then get to work.These four will get you started:

1. Juicing Citrus
Ideal: Hand Held Citrus Squeezer. Simple: Slice citrus in half, set in the bowl and squeeze. Great for the quick bicep pump too.

Makeshift: Kitchen Tongs. Place the citrus near the hinge and squeeze gently. A hard squeeze and you’ll have juice in your eyes and citrus on the floor.

2. Stirring Cocktails
Ideal: Bar Spoon. Can’t go wrong with the classic red-tip long stirrer. We get thirsty just looking at it.

Makeshift: Chopsticks. Dig them out of that drawer with all the takeout menus, unless you’ve got some fancy ones, and start chilling your drinks. Put the fat end down in the ice for better traction and stir until your cocktail is just the right temp. Cheater chopsticks are for amateurs.

3. Dressing your appetizers.
Ideal: Olive oil bottle for tapas execution.

Makeshift: Crystal Head Vodka bottle. Olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce, we love it for any liquid you use often.

Ideal: The Yarai mixing glass: the mixologists wet dream bar tool. We’re not even kidding.

Makeshift: Got a science kit gathering dust in the closet? Pull it out, grab the beaker, wash it off and put to use on the sideboard. Or that coffee press will work too.