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09.19.10 by  

Killer Cocktail Tools

Arm your sideboard with the latest drink-slinging weaponry. Ice picks, check. Mint muddlers, oh yeah. Lewis bags, bring it. Thank god happy hour starts at noon.

Maybe we’re just going through an angry phase or maybe it’s the trend in cocktailing. Either way, we’ve rounded up some killer mixology tools, from ice picks to muddlers to ice-bashing bags. They’re violent, but they get the job done. Enough said.

Muddlers are one of those things you don’t know you need until you see someone else with one. This chrome-plated, architecturally designed style by Michael Young is almost too sexy for muddling mint. 2Jane, $6 for a set of six.

Look, it's DIY mojito-mixing. Now you can delegate the elbow work to the drinkers.

Yeah, we know, enough with the muddlers already. But we had to show you a less polarizing, more conservative model. This one’s mahogany and clearly doubles as a variety of things. Forest Treasures, around $37.

Purists will love the old-school nature of this "smashing stick". It also makes pastes and grinds spices.

We’ve never really gotten over the opening ice-pick scene in Basic Instinct. That’s we why like our ice-carving tools shaped like a pitchfork instead. Apparently, everyone else has the same idea — they’re sold out. Hold out for a restocking or go for our second choice: the anvil shape. And don’t forget your protective gear. Cocktail Kingdom, $47.

This baby is guaranteed to be heavy duty. Your mixology skills just got way cooler.

You can’t throw in an ice pick without mentioning a Lewis bag. They’re almost impossible to find — we hunted this one down on Etsy. It’s handmade natural cotton canvas and promises to take a beating just so you’ll have perfectly dry, uniformly crushed ice. So sweet. Ladykonnyaku, $6 each.

This claims to be for serious bartenders only. Have your pitch ready when you place the order.

These drink stir mixers are the cocktail version of American Gothic. Cool, kitschy and modern, we love the urban-backwoods vibe. Set of 4 with 4 different design styles, Liba Style, $67.

These chrome, stainless-steel mixers have forks on the end for nabbing your garnish.