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Build Your Street Cred with Mini Bar Bottles

The pros will tell you that an easy way to chic up your sideboard (and temper your OCD) is with uniform containers for your syrups, bitters and other handcrafted creations. In this case, size doesn’t matter.

If your sideboard looks like all hell broke loose with unmatched bottles, jars and containers, add a little symmetry with matching bar bottles. It makes storage more efficient and gives your mixology skills a little sex appeal.

We love the arsenal of cool bitters bottles for sale at Cocktail Kingdom, all with different shapes and tops. Cocktail Kingdom, from $32.

This version, the Yarai from Japan, holds 85 ml (we're storing our celery bitters in it) and features a cork top.

This is a 2-buck Chuck worth paying for: 375 ml glass bottles from the crew at Tuthilltown. $2.00 each.

Store your latest and greatest potions in this. The cork top will help keep your ingredients fresh.

Amber glass bottles originally intended for perfumes or essential oils make the perfect storage containers for bitters, tinctures and anything else you’re crafting to enhance your drinks. Mountain Rose Herbs, starting at $.60

Many of these include a dropper top, so read the descriptions carefully before you buy.

Just 4 1/2-inches tall (without the stopper), these vintage etched-glass beauties can anything from syrups to bitters to liqueurs. $45 for set.

Estimated at late 19th century. If you don't snag these, hunt down some knock offs at your local flea market.

We’re not sure the shape adds much functionality, but we definitely like the art deco vibe. And the price is sweet. Sunburst, $.55 each.

This mini bottle is great for holding liqueurs and other spirits that you're only using in dashes and drops.