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Makeover Your Sideboard

Your toasting fork can’t wait to get its tines on these off-radar cocktail glasses. They’re the perfect excuse for an impromptu party.

It’s natural to feel attached to your sideboard contents but trading them in for newer, slimmer models keeps you trendy and relevant (as much as a set of glasses can). Slap your bar with a modern update courtesy of fresh glassware. We found a few funky ideas for almost every style from designer to old world.

Martinis: Bombay Sapphire sponsored a competition for the most impressive glassware. Benjamin Hubert is our winner. Great for eco-freaks and design connoisseurs alike. Benjamin Hubert Studio, Inquire by email for price.

"Mouth-blown and hand-worked" before you even pour your drink. That's art.

Double Old Fashioneds: For a sideboard that’s drippingly cool, how about a set of lowballs inspired by ice and snow and created through experimental glassblowing — a built-in icebreaker. Note: stick to vodka, gin, or a very light rum for the max effects. iitala Ultima Thule, $43 for two.

Sidestep the beer or ginger ale to make it look like the liquid is the glass itself. The effect is cooler the more you sip.

Rocks: Take your tea cup to the dark side by filling it with a cube and some scotch. Handmade in the Czech Republic, these babies hold hot or cold liquids equally chicly. Float tea cups, $110 for two.

Three glass parts suspend the cocktail and keep condensation off your hands and table.

Mezcal: We’ll sip our agave-based spirits from earthen tea cups, please. Their bold, rustic feel reminds of the liquor. Boulder Teacups, $32 for a set of four.

Japanese tea cups easily double as holders for your after-dinner sips.

Highballs: Hand-painted in Italy, these pretty ladies are just as fashionable as their homeland. Uncommon Goods, $120 per set of six.

Let the two-toned pigments, as delicious as your signature Manhattan, inspire your cocktail recipe.