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Cocktail Party Canapés: Falafel Chips

We know what you’re thinking, and we agree. But with a few tweaks to a kick-^&%$ recipe, these exotic bites give your spread the mystery that’s missing from your guest list. Serve alongside a tray of breath mints. Part 3 of 3.

Falafel chips. Probably not the first thing that pops into your head when you’re planning sexy party fare. Consider that it’s not just this chic Mediterranean base that makes a stellar appetizer, but also its toppings. The trick is to start with an amazing, but do-able falafel recipe, turn it into a chip, then layer each bite with an exotic mix of spicy roasted veggies, shredded salads and savory sauces. Label your platter, “Mezze plates” and you’re suddenly gourmet.

Crumble leftovers onto your chopped salad on the day after.

Step 1: Form falafel mix into 2- to 3-inch flat rounds instead of balls before cooking to create the canapé base.

Step 2: Pile on a round-up of flavorful toppings, like dips, slaws and spreads:

  • Finely chopped salad of roasted squash and cauliflower garnished with yogurt-dill sauce and shaved green beans.
  • Green olive tapenade blended with cornichons and a nasturtium garnish.
  • Chopped egg and sardine salad garnished with pickled onions.
  • Moroccan slaw of shredded carrots, beets, cucumber and currants in a cumin-flavored vinaigrette.
  • Purée of avocado and edamame topped with roasted cherry tomatoes.

Step 3: Serve different platter assortments throughout the evening to keep their palates stimulated, even if they’re still talking about the weather.

Use your own falafel recipe or this one Oleana Chef Ana Sortun.