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Boom. Hiss. Crack. And Other Noises to Avoid This July.

Whether fireworks are rained out, the mosquitoes are too blood-thirsty or this holiday just isn’t your speed, try some indoor party gear that gives your Independence Day bash some quirk value.

Celebrate Independence Day the urban way — in the chic indoors. You avoid the broiling hot concrete jungle, the sea of hungry bugs and your neighbors’ not-quite-legal DIY fireworks. Think you can’t recreate a cool experience sans a skyline and bonfire? You can.

Deck out your living room in red, white and blue streamers and spread a picnic blanket on the floor. Adorn with the items below:

Décor. An American flag rug from ABC Carpet & Home’s Project Americana is a luxe and patriotic addition to any room. This version is exclusive to Gilt so if you missed the sale, use it for inspiration. $1950

Plates. Hit guests over the head with the USA theme by using biodegradable paper plates with stars and stripes. They recreate the outdoor experience and make for easy cleanup. Cheers to that.

We’ve got your stars … 8 for $4.

…and stripes. 8 for $6.00

Get your “viva la America” chant on with patriotic tunes that pay homage to your country and those who’ve fought for it, $17

These are from iTunes, compliments of The American Military Band. One hand over your heart, the other on your cocktail.

Bet you thought you couldn’t bring the explosion part of July 4 inside. Well, here they are, indoor fireworks. (All we need now is for technology to shake and serve our drinks.) Thanks again to the Japanese, Uchiage Hanabi Fireworks Projector, $166

But can it write your name on the ceiling?

Show your kitschy side with patriotic table protectors. $10.

Peace out this July 4 with your fellow countrymen and party goers.