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Couples That Shower Together Part II: Tapas

If you like bridal showers you’re either a bride or insane. A more modern take? The his-and-hers couples party, featuring a customized bites menu to toast their “we’re almost hitched” status. Here, a mix of sweet and savory recipes to satisfy both their personalities.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Is it just me or have I never been to a fun bridal shower?”, it’s not just you. The ones worth remembering are those that break all the traditions. We like the his-and-hers idea … at night … with a cool cocktail party vibe. It’s more intimate, more representative of the couple and far more interesting than a day filled with another rousing rendition of “how well do you know the bride?” (Save the girls-only party for the spa or a weekend in Rio.) To keep the bridal theme, customize a menu of sweet and savory bites. And if you’re the type who’s hung up on themes, choose a menu inspired from where they met, went on their first date, where he proposed — you get the idea. Below is a round up of bites we love. Mix and match them with your own recipes or use them to inspire a personalized menu of your own.

Cucumber Grapefruit Pistachio Salad Bites

Make these one-bite salads memorable by jacking up the flavors. Count on 2 to 3 per person.

His and Hers Bites


  • pearl couscous salad with peaches, slivered almonds and fresh mint
  • grapefruit and cucumber salad cups with a light vinaigrette and crumbled pistachios
  • Brazilian cheese bread aka pão de queijo — a glam way to get your cheese fix


  • hamachi sashimi bites with diced fresh strawberries and a wasabi-citrus glaze
  • over-sized ravioli stuffed with nettles, meyer lemon and a mild cheese
  • spicy shrimp skewers with a savory yogurt dip


  • chipotle chocolate cake cut into bite-size pieces or a round up of petit fours
  • an assortment of cookies and candies from the patisserie down the street masked as your own, or if you’re dead-set on baking, shoot for an off-roaded recipe that’s memorable (like this one from Chez Pim).
  • mini fondues — melt a slew of chocolate bars with heavy cream and pour into soy sauce servers, then sidecar with a toasted marshmallow or a fresh strawberry